The Song O' The Day

By Dru Morrison (Halifax Collect)

Bon Iver - Michicant
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Bon Iver - MIchicant from Bon Iver

This album is absolutely stunning and deserves all the praise its already gotten, as well as the praise I’m sure will hit it down the road.

Bon Iver have found a perfect balance between technicality, instrumentation, melody, atmosphere, intellect and experimentation. Nothing on this album is short of spectacular, from timing, to the weird noises and melodies that come from ridiculously tuned guitars that haven’t seen such attentiveness to detail and tinkering since Sonic Youth came onto the scene. And Vernon’s voice. Fucking Christ. It is perfect, and his ability to know exactly when it would be perfect to use his angelic high pitches to his near-baritone during a song is amazing. Vernon not only knows how to sing in various ranges, but knows how to use its effective ability. He’s harnessed his talent to its highest effectiveness. Jaw-dropping stuff.

I haven’t heard an album like this, that captures my attention immediately and provokes my imagination, in a long time. Probably since Sufjan Stevens’ Illinoise or Converge’s Jane Doe. This is, dare I say, a perfect album that I think will define a genre and a generation of music long after its release.

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